Fival’s Corn Shank Productions To Host World Premiere Of Twisted Weekend III At Cinema Paradiso

Posted: April 17, 2003 by fivalscornshank in News & Press

TW3 PosterFort Lauderdale, Fla – (April 17, 2003) – Fival’s Corn Shank Productions announces the World Premiere of its newest release, Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust. Producers are inviting the media and the public to the movie’s premiere party at Starmark International’s “StarBar” on Thursday, April 24, at 7:30pm. The party will be followed by a special viewing of the film at 9:15pm at Cinema Paradiso, located one block from Starmark.

Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust begins as a simple story of a group of college friends looking to spend a weekend getting loaded. The movie opens with Lucie’s birthday – a comical spoof on an excessive bingeing party filled with liquor, drugs and sex. Things really get twisted though, when a mysterious gift appears and the evening ends in a drunken game of Ouija.

“This is a great movie. I can’t wait to share it with the public and get it on the festival circuit.” stated Brett Circe, Producer. “It’s horrifying, disturbing and offensive, but funny too. I think it will really appeal to people who like scary movies.”

Fival’s Corn Shank Productions is an independent movie production company founded in 1990 by David C. King, Brett Circe and Justice Mitchell specializing in cutting edge creative in a cross-genre approach. With 12 titles in its filmography, ranging from shorts to a feature length film, including three installments of the Twisted Weekend series, FCS is poised to make its first submission to the film festival circuit and continues to develop its production capabilities.

For more details about the premiere, call Brett Circe at 954-761-1600. For more information about Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust visit

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