Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die

Posted: November 22, 2002 by fivalscornshank in (1990) Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die

Another tale of fraternity hazing gone awry…

Darkness falls and beer after beer will be consumed by the brothers and pledges of the Alpha Sigma Beta Fraternity. An intruder, looking for bloodshed, has joined the ceremony on this, the last night of pledge period. Mysterious and hypnotic, the thrills come at you faster than ale through a loaded beer bong. See how it all began – the unfinished short that puts the HELL in Hell Night.

Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die!

The film that dares to ask “How safe can you be face down in the toilet?

The Facts
Year: 1990
Directed By: David C. King
Produced By: Brett Circe
Written By: David C. King
Brett Circe
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 4 Minutes

Bryan Purse
Jason Brunt
Daniel Ruke
Ralph Miolla

And the Pledges
Demetrios Zachos
Ted Linn
Craig Grasso
Sherman Whited
Jason Yanofsky


Edited By
Brett Circe


Produced By
Brett Circe


Written & Directed By
David C. King

  1. me says:

    I am fairly sure I have read this script, down to the blood on the keg, back in the day. Love the mullets! They just scream late 80’s!

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