About FCS

David King, Justice Mitchell and Brett Circe
David King, Justice Mitchell and Brett Circe

Like most of the best things in life, Fival’s Corn Shank Productions was created through a friendship. Brett Circe, David C. King and Justice Mitchell, who met at the Ringling School of Design in Sarasota, Florida, wound up as fraternity brothers and quickly became the best of friends. Their talents as artists and their mutual love for movies and technology led to the formation of their first production endeavor…and many thereafter.

Ask any one of this trio for the history behind their first film, and the basis for creating Fival’s Corn Shank in 1990, and they’ll tell you that it all started as a spoof. Before Scream, before Scary Movie, there was Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die. It was a comic statement poking fun at every movie that ever positioned an artist in the role of the “wacko,” “weirdo” or “psycho.”

12 titles later, ranging from shorts to a feature length film, including two more installments of the Twisted Weekend series, Fival’s Corn Shank continues to develop its production capabilities and reputation. With a film submitted to the film festival circuit, and a handful of scripts in reserve, these three amigos seem to have found the secrets of success, laughter and loyalty.

To contact FCS, please email fcs@circe.com