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Who is Joe Vicious?

Posted: September 20, 2002 by fivalscornshank in (1992) Who is Joe Vicious?

Created as a send-up of the marketing mayhem surrounding Hollywood’s Summer Blockbusters, this newly remastered version delivers the goods as the biggest, loudest, most genre-jumping and action-packed trailer – for the most out-of-control movie never made.

Who is Joe Vicious? is presented as a behind-the-scenes preview for an upcoming epic film of the same name spanning the genres of action, drama, romance, horror and comedy. With a three-day shoot schedule, three video cameras, two porches, an arsenal of guns, a bomb and a mob of wanna-be super-stars, filmmakers David C. King and Brett Circe created an enduring parody of Hollywood’s film promotion foibles. It’s all about hype, baby!