Who Is Joe Vicious? (1992) Digitally Remastered

Posted: September 20, 2020 by Brett C. in News & Press

On the 30th anniversary of their first movie debut, Fival’s Corn Shank (FCS) Productions is thrilled to announce a complete digital remastering of its 1992 film, Who Is Joe Vicious? 

Created as a send-up of the marketing mayhem surrounding Hollywood’s Summer Blockbusters, this newly remastered version delivers the goods as the biggest, loudest, most genre-jumping and action-packed trailer – for the most out-of-control movie never made. 

Who is Joe Vicious? is presented as a behind-the-scenes preview for an upcoming epic film of the same name spanning the genres of action, drama, romance, horror and comedy. With a three-day shoot schedule, three video cameras, two porches, an arsenal of guns, a bomb and a mob of wanna-be super-stars, filmmakers David C. King and Brett Circe created an enduring parody of Hollywood’s film promotion foibles. It’s all about hype, baby! 

Originally shot on VHS and edited in Beta, the remaster is a labor of love that started by digitizing all the original footage in high definition. This was done to preserve the movie for our archives before the original source tapes further degrade.

Remote collaboration of the remastering of Who Is Joe Vicious?

“It was really great to be able to revisit Who Is Joe Vicious?” said Director, Dave King. “The movie is like a time capsule of the culture, style, dialog, and action of the early 90’s era. It’s a love letter to our favorite action movies of that time period, so we were careful to keep this remaster faithful to the original vision from our formative college years”.

The re-edit is true to the intent of the original cut, while including additional shots never before seen in either previous version. Utilizing Final Cut Pro X, great care was taken to maintain a similar story structure with refined pacing made possible by these modern post-production tools. The remastering also includes color grading, updated sound design, new special effects, and a digital score that is true to the original.

In true Hollywood fashion, the release of the remastered Who is Joe Vicious? movie is accompanied by a new, striking poster design.

Poster Design by Justice Mitchell

Fival’s Corn Shank Productions is an independent movie production company founded in 1990 by David C. King, Brett Circe and Justice Mitchell that specializes in cutting edge creative in a cross-genre approach. With 13 titles in its filmography, ranging from shorts to a feature length film, FCS continues to develop and advance its production capabilities.

Watch the all new digitally remastered Who is Joe Vicious? now, streaming at www.fivalscornshank.com

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