Watch the First Movie Ever Produced by FCS Productions Now!

Posted: November 23, 2002 by fivalscornshank in News & Press

Fival’s Corn Shank (FCS) Productions added it’s first ever production Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die (1990) to the FCS web site today located at

Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die was the first collaboration between David King and Brett Circe. This unfinished short launched a production company and a friendship that has produced over a dozen films in the last decade.

“I will always have a soft spot in my heart for our first movie” stated Brett Circe, a founder of FCS Productions. “I am excited about having it on our site in streaming video format so the world can see how it all began”.

Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die is the unfinished short about a hell night in a fraternity house which goes seriously awry when a psycho artist has it in for the no-good frat boys.

See the movie that started it all, and launched two sequels: Twisted Weekend 2: Co-Ed Slaughter (1999) and Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocust (2003). Watch Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die now.

Fival’s Corn Shank Productions is an independent movie production company specializing in cutting edge creative in a cross-genre approach. Founded in 1990 by David C. King, Brett Circe and Justice Mitchell, there are over a dozen titles in the FCS Filmography to date.

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