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Ouija the Movie, meet Twisted Weekend 3

Posted: July 24, 2014 by Brett C. in News & Press

Its hard not to draw comparisons to the upcoming movie Ouija to our very own Twisted Weekend 3.

Lets start with the premise:

Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust begins as a simple story of a group of college friends looking to spend a weekend getting loaded. Meet Lucie, the angry artist; Violet, her goodie-goodie roommate; their gay friend, Morris; their party animal fraternity boy neighbor, Bobby; and the burnouts, Chuck and Joe. Their names may be different, but you know this group. You’ve met them, you went to college with them…hey, you may even be one of them.

After a friend of a theirs is brutally killed in an accident, a group of close teenage friends must confront their most evil and demonic fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board when attempting to contact their friend, and realize that the ouija board is not just a game; it’s real life.


Watch it here, Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust

Posted: February 7, 2008 by fivalscornshank in News & Press

TW3 PosterWith the update of the FCS web site complete, and the ability to load and stream long videos on the internet upon us, FCS is thrilled to premiere Twisted Weekend III: Slacker Holocaust here on the FCS site.

Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust is the final and most ambitious film in the Twisted Weekend trilogy, which also includes Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die and Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter. All three films, collaborations between David King and Brett Circe, are now available here to view in their entirety!

Watch Twisted Weekend 2 Now on the FCS Web Site

Posted: January 27, 2008 by fivalscornshank in News & Press

TW2 PosterFinally, and for the first time ever, Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter (1999) is available to watch in its entirety here on our web site.

Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter is the sequel to the movie that started it all, Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die, the first collaboration between David King and Brett Circe.

With it’s controversial portrait of an artist gone mad, stunning use of lush Florida locations and an amazing array of death scenes, Twisted Weekend II: Co-ed Slaughter uses “state-of-the-art” special effects, a “chart-topping” soundtrack and “intense” performances to take the viewer on a rollercoaster ride straight to hell!


By Joshua Grover & David Patterson

Let us take a moment and consider the movie Evil Dead. In it, five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun, discover some evil relics, and release a powerful demon into the world. The demon, one by one, takes over the occupants of the cabin, until none remain.

Now, let us regroup and consider Twisted Weekend III, which consists of a group of friends who unleash a powerful demon through the use of an evil relic. One by one the demon… but I repeat myself.