Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter

Posted: October 26, 1999 by fivalscornshank in (1999) Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter

Screams, scares and laughs fill the small screen as the creators of Who Is Joe Viscous? tear the flesh off the structure of the slasher film by producing a masterpiece of the macabre.

The art world has always contained a wealth of disturbed characters. Keeping this in mind, filmmakers David C. King and Brett Circe combine all the horror cliche’s you know and love with the idea that all artists are just a little bit CRAZY.

Six college co-eds get together for some booze, drugs and hopefully lots of casual sex. Just another weekend in the Summer – or so they thought. Someone, cold, calculating and out of control, is killing people in the small Florida town of Sarasota. Someone with a backpack full of art supplies and the twisted desire to use them for murder. Summer Wind apartments is about to have a few more vacancies.

With it’s controversial portrait of an artist gone mad, stunning use of lush Florida locations and an amazing array of death scenes, Twisted Weekend II: Co-ed Slaughter uses “state-of-the-art” special effects, a “chart-topping” soundtrack and “intense” performances to take the viewer on a rollercoaster ride straight to hell!

See the film that did it first!

The Facts
Year Released: 1999
Year Started: 1991
Directed By: David C. King
Produced By: Brett Circe
Written By: David C. King
Brett Circe
Genre: Horror
Starring: Deanna Smarko
Brett Circe
Dave King
Jim Grove
Jason Brunt
Runtime: 32 Minutes

Stephanie Fickes
Scott Wertime
Jason Brunt
Dave King
Deanna Smarko
Mike Weber
Jim Grove
Brett Circe
Gozar the Gozarian


Aaron Norrie
Drew Barrymore
Demetrios Zachos
Bryan Purse
Sherman Whited
Jason Yanofsky
Em Kuker
Tom Gavel
Rob Williams
Craig Grasso
Ted Linn


Aaron Wells
Brett Circe
Dave King


Stephanie Fickes
Scott Wertime
Jason Brunt
Dave King
Deanna Smarko
Jim Grove
Brett Circe
Gray Williams
Dianna Lussenden
David Sporn
Justice Mitchell
Aaron Norrie


Deanna Smarko
Jeff Lillie
Brett Circe
Sonu Compitello
Em Kuker
Joe Johnson
Joel Alicia


Camera: Jeff Circe
Camera: Jim Grove
Camera: David Sporn
Black Glove: Jason Sawyer
Stunt Cat: Stephanie Fickes
Paint Tubes: Dave King
Electric Eraser: Jason Brunt
Lantern: Brett Circe
CDs: Dave King, Jim Grove
Desk Lamp: Blue Line
T-Square: Brett Circe
Crutches: Tom Gavel
Machette: Brett Circe
Shotgun: Brett Circe


Bel Biv DeVoe
Simon Boswell
Jimmy Buffett
John Carpenter
Pino Donaggio
Elliot Goldenthal
Jerry Goldsmith
Bernard Herman
Billy Idol
Mark Isham
Nine Inch Nails
Michael Sembello
Allen Silvestri
Christopher Young


Special Thanks
Man with Poodle
Busch Beer
Summer Winds Apartments
Blue Line
Trojan Contraceptives
Absolut Vodka
The Green Pen
Sweat Boy
Kitty Wrangler
Ringling School of Art
The City of Sarasota Parks
Silver Beach Productions
Alpha Sigma Beta Fraternity
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
Superior Video
Joe Viscusi
Pepe’s Love Shack
Charles Cort
Apple Macintosh (get a Mac!)


No Thanks
Sarasota Fire Department
Mr. Rice and Mr. Kresek
Diana Lussenden


Saul Bass
Dario Argento
Evil Dead
Friday the 13th II
Cannonball Run
Terminator 2

All the movies that ever protrayed an artist as a psycho.


All music is copyright their respective owners.


No animals were harmed during the making of this film.


Copyright © 1991-1999
Fival’s Corn Shank Productions
All Rights Reserved


The Green Pen
Inside the apartment, there is a green highlighter pen somewhere in every scene.

We’re going to go to the park…
When Dave says “we’re going to go to the park”, cut to Jim dancing, and behind Jim on the top shelf is the lantern. Then when Jim says “OK” there is a Lava Lamp behind Jim, and the lantern is by the front door ready for Dave to pick up.

Absolut Vodka
After Jim takes the vodka out of the freezer, there is a nude picture of Claudia Schiffer in the freezer, and an ad for a “Dancing Granny Workout Video” on the freezer door.

Death by CD
At the end of Jim’s death scene, when the killer is finally scene at a distance, Jason is sitting on the couch in the background with his foot on a foot rest.

  1. Melanie Schiro says:

    Heelarious! 2 bloody stumps up!

  2. Debbie Waite says:

    Great flick! Brett makes a great villian. Love the different camera and lighting techniques. Favorite part: the sock. Second favorite part: the “sword” fight. Question: Aren’t you worried you’ll get sued over copyright issues?

  3. Peg at Bravo says:

    “Police suspect foul play” that’s so funny! I really enjoyed it and I’m going to keep my copy so I can say I knew you guys back when.

  4. redc says:

    Widely regarded among industry insiders to be the finest example of meta-indie horror cinema ever to slash across the small screen, Twisted Weekend II marks the devastating directorial debut of Dave King, whom I happened to run into last night at Club Cherry in Los Angeles. Here is what Dave had to say about the crushing success of his first film: “When we finished it the other day I knew that we had made probably the fourth best movie of all time, so that felt nice. And as far as dealing with all of this ‘sudden success,’ it doesn’t really seem like such a big deal, you know? I mean, I’ve been hanging out with underground drag superstars like Jackie D. for years now, so when I take meetings with bigtime moviestars I’m really not so intimidated by them. Hey, could you get me another Surfer on Acid?” But I never made it back to Dave King’s roped-off table. On my way to the bar I ran into a pretty girl wearing a Twisted Weekend II T-shirt, and minutes later we were gone.

  5. Michael Parks says:

    A sardonic delight…a tasty appitizer for things to come…two “conchs” up

  6. Jim McCracken says:

    Definitely a MUST SEE! Too much talent for one cast to posses and the realism really grabbed me. I actually felt like I was there, experiencing the whole tragedy.

  7. Sean Brennan says:

    Love the props Brett throwing the deadly CD’s, Scott getting killed in the pool with tubes of acrylic paint and Web as the news cast guy- what more can you ask for?? The boops & blunders at the end bring it all together. That sure was a lot of blood coming out of Dave’s mouth. Overall- 8.5 out of 10 Great work!!!

  8. D-Day #14 says:

    Movie of The Year!!! I was treated to an in-house showing of Twisted Weekend 2 at the Circe Cinema Complex where (by the way) they serve an incredible Stoli Vanil White Russian! What can I say? This is a true Oscar contender! Where else can you see Jim dancing and sweating like a pig in one scene and Brett taking a .12 gauge to the face in the next! Take the kids, they’ll love it!

  9. terry greenwood says:

    this was an awesome romp in pure cheese fun. better than going to the dentist and a lot less painful. fun! fun! fun!

  10. Dave's Cousin says:

    movie rocked very good movie… I loved how the talented actress was able to scream while her mouth was still closed. Very good score David.

  11. dave's cousin's friend. says:

    i thoughorly enjoyed the movie. it was a great combonation of comedy and horror, from a begining film student’s prospective. i’m taking a copy into my telecomm class, so we can analyze and enjoy your film. P.S. i loved the many underwear and jock strap. P.S.S. Dave is hot!!

  12. Scott Wertime says:

    I Laughed ‘Till I Bled! How is it possible for so much vision, so much raw talent, so much… carnage… to come together in a single movie? This is truly a movie to behead… er, behold. And the tounge-wagging scream of Ms. Fickes will surely go down as one of the greatest performances in horror movie history. My only concern will be the sudden rise in copy-cat killings once this picture becomes mainstream! Rating: Four mangled corpses!

  13. Kristin Schneider (a.k.a Sac. Nas"T") says:

    80’s Flashback The movie opens up and wham you’re thrown back to the 80’s. Visions of Duran-Duran, Thompson Twins and Depeche Mode came floatin by…Dave what’s up w/ the hair (dude-like oh my God, totally), great bangs! Nice legs I might add! Creeper…great buns:-)Go whiteboy go, shake your money maker. “I Don’t get it”, Andrew replies. All in all the movie was a great spin off of Evil Dead, but after a few glasses of David’s famous beezkneez it was one hellraiser of a show. But instead of pins slashing through someones skull, it was paint tubes. Where’s the nudity, I wanted to see some flesh, what’s up with that? Can’t wait to be part of the review for the sequel. At the end of it all Andrew says out loud, “Oh, it’s all making sense to me now”.

  14. Lisa (Superfudge/Dribble) Janssen says:

    Superburb acting, I felt like I was actually in the move (or in hell…whichever.) The Bee’s Knees helped to cool off the heat a bit. The choreography was amazing (I didn’t know Creeper was “a dancer”, “what classes have you had?”) The shower scene was so sexy, but what about full frontal nudity!!! I have never seen a shower scene done with a man before…hmmmmmmm. Dave…where did you get that wig? And the cat. Excellent use of props. Three thumbs up! *SF

  15. Lacy Maxwell says:

    I was blown away!! I never knew how good a horror flick could really be! Freddy has nothing on you guys. And Creeper, I knew you could dance, but DAMN! you are good! Great acting. I of course, love any movie with a kitty star, so this movie automatically earned my amazing approval. Dave, great scaredy cat scene, when I saw the look on your face, I nearly peed my pants! :)WOW!!! I cannot wait for the next one. WHEN, WHEN, WHEN?!?!?

  16. Linda Schwartz says:

    INTENSE!!! Action packed!!!!!

  17. Jeremy Schwartz says:

    WOW! It has the horror and character development of Steven King!

  18. Ignacio Hernandez says:

    An unbelievable suspense thriller with a FANTASTIC script. Never has such intricate writing blessed the production of a true American-made Horror film. Choreography was UNBELIEVABLE!!! The dancing drunk scene was right up there with “the flying feather” in Forrest Gump. Such soulful movement can only come from the heart. This movie is not for the timid and showcases this with ULTRA-REALISTIC special effects. With filming and camera work which would leave Ridley Scott perplexed – the movie was just as visualy entertaining as it was truly horrifying. The musical score was intelligent, but sometimes made no sense whatsoever; it is this exact philosophy which makes the film a true classic!

  19. Roger Sakolove says:

    The timing of Hitchcock. The storytelling ability of Steven King. The tongue-in-cheek (and knife-in-back) humor of Carpenter. These guys gave a feel for the genre. And they’ve left me screaming for more.

  20. Andrew T. Norton says:

    NOW I get it. Way before it’s time….and I’m not talking about standing over the bowl and only sending a few drops. This film danced around the conventions we all see from time to time while adding it’s own sense of what those conventions really mean. Creepers dancing….”He’s a maniac, maniac” I wondered if Chris Farley hadn’t seen Twisted Weekend II before shooting Tommy Boy. We’ll never know. And very Hitchcock-esque was Mr. King’s subtle appearances in his own directorial effort, kudos. David King makes it all his own though when you realize he hasn’t dressed up to play his part seeming almost to have no lines and “blend” with the atmosphere of the movie. Instead of making a disguise for himself so he can be in the movie, he is now in disguise in real-life as a ripped, iPod-listening, large truck driving master of his world and art….truly a different image than conveyed in this film. I’ve taken my time in reviewing this film and at first I felt like a flake but the feeling I now have is that I’ve just finished an excellent meal and I am not too full nor am I desiring more. I get it. I GET it. Truly gourmet filmmaking when the “meal” can take you this far. Big ups to DK and the crew, cast, and others.

  21. Kris Gilmore says:

    Sex, Sex, Sex This movie is quite a scare a minute thriller, but the sexual undertones through out have been greatly ignored! From the seemingly banal poolside conversation about birthcontrol to the sweaty dance scene, the film was full of sexual tension. Although all the scenes left my heart racing, the shower scenes left me wet! P.S. Next time we hope to see more co-eds without bras. P.S.S Dave is hot!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    My 2 bits TWII is more proof the 80’s ROCKED. That is all.

  23. Ed says:

    Awesome Twisted Weekend II is one of the greatest indie horror flicks ever. If it was made by a big studio with much publicity, TWII would be considered a landmark horror film for the ages. Movies like this are what Hollywood should put money into, not stupid re-makes of bad movies (i.e. Rollerball). It is an entertaining thrill ride that keeps you watching and wanting more. At the beginning of the film you are flung back into the 80’s. It is so realistic and well done that you get the impression that the director loved the 80’s (maybe their favorite decade ever). The performances of the cast are dynamic and very entertaining. I could just watch this movie over and over, it is that good. I just can’t wait to see what these twisted minds can come up with next. P.S. Gozar kicked some serious ass.

  24. Juan Tumani says:

    Horror is good. Your horror style very good. I order from old man on main land. I laugh during movie but vary scared. Good job. I want next one too!

  25. Clifton Tipon says:


    Anyone who has ever attempted to create a short, let alone a horror film, must be congratulated.

    The film doesn’t pretend to be high-end; rather, it pokes fun with its inspired scenes of whice some you can easily recognize.

    The shower scene is, shall I say, shocking.

  26. Adrienne Thompson says:

    David Charles King is the next Orson Welles! I’m just sayin’!

  27. kristin schneider says:

    DAVID KING…your freinds from Affy have been looking for ya.

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