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Brett with Herschel Gordon Lewis

Brett Circe with Herschell Gordon Lewis shortly after he was inducted into the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame on October 29, 2003 in Orlando, FL.

Revered as “the Godfather of Gore,” this affable advertising executive (with a Ph.D in English literature) worked on industrial films in the late 1950s before teaming up with producer David Friedman to grind out several “nudie-cuties” before inventing the gore movie in 1963. Blood Feast made little sense, featured wildly inept actors and was, technically speaking, barely competent. But its graphic display of blood-and-guts (using butcher-shop rejects) offered moviegoers something the major studios wouldn’t deliver. 2,000 Maniacs (1964), in which a Confederate town is resurrected in the modern South to treat some visiting Yankees with special “hospitality,” lifted its premise from Brigadoon revealing Lewis’ sly sense of humor. After making a dozen or so followups — including Color Me Blood Red (1965) about a painter who kills to use his victim’s blood for his painting canvases, The Gruesome Twosome (1968) and The Wizard of Gore (1971) — Lewis left the movie business in the early 1970s and became a direct-mail consultant.


By Joshua Grover & David Patterson

Let us take a moment and consider the movie Evil Dead. In it, five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun, discover some evil relics, and release a powerful demon into the world. The demon, one by one, takes over the occupants of the cabin, until none remain.

Now, let us regroup and consider Twisted Weekend III, which consists of a group of friends who unleash a powerful demon through the use of an evil relic. One by one the demon… but I repeat myself.

TW3 ManSlackers Must Die

See what happens when real college girls go possessed!

Do you find maggots, bloodshed, and gore comical? Do you like your humor like your coffee — black? If you answered yes to these questions, you’d better clear your calendar, because the third installment of the Twisted Weekend series opens at Cinema Paradiso (503 SE Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale). Never heard of the Twisted Weekend movies? That’s OK — you’re not alone. Local producer Brett Circe created Twisted Weekend: Pledges Must Die back in 1990 and Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter in 1999. But these slasher flicks were all just an introduction to college depravity. Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust takes us deep into the bowels of the seedy side of birthday parties, replete with binge drinking, drugs, sex, and Ouija boards, the latter of which obviously becomes the vehicle through which the carnage is unleashed. All the stereotypes are in place and ready to spill their guts on celluloid for your viewing pleasure. There’s the birthday girl and troubled artist Lucie and her goody-two-shoes roommate, Violet. For added comic relief, there’s the over-the-top gay guy, the party-animal frat boys, and two burnouts (because they wander in packs). It’s not long before the drugs and booze are gone and the Ouija board opens the door for hot demon possession.

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Tim Moffatt, New Times

We can’t vouch for the quality of this thinly budgeted, locally produced horror flick, but considering how persistent producer Brett Circe and director David C. King were in finishing it, we figured they deserved some free publicity. Third in a series of Twisted Weekend gorefests, after Pledges Must Die and Co-ed Slaughter, the gross and gruesome Slacker Holocaust began production in 1996 but is just now being released. Like the Twisted films before it, Slacker centers on college students who aren’t smart-enough to keep themselves from dying in the most horrifying fashion, only this time the plot twists are ruled by a Ouija Board. According to one advanced “review,” the film contains disturbing vomit and bowel-movement scenes and a segment in which the screen fills with worms and bugs. For better or worse, Slacker Holocaust times out at 60 minutes.


Zombie Keeper slams TW3 in a rant about independent filmmaking from some old guy who obviously doesn’t get it.

The Story: A group of teens enjoying a hedonistic weekend run into trouble when one of them becomes murderously possessed.

Meet Violet (Nelson), a flighty artist looking to celebrate her birthday. Joining her are her sensitive roommate Lucie (Sabini), their gay friend Morris (Brunt) and several party pals which include a pair of Jay and Silent Bob-ish stoners named Chuck (King) and Joe (Halk). There’s no big secret as to what they have planned for the weekend, either; three days of pure, unadulterated boozing, drugging and down and dirty fornicatin’.