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pick•lock [ pík lòk ]
• an instrument for picking locks
• an opener of locks who does not use a key, especially a burglar

A revival and revision of a short film made in his youth, David C. King’s Picklock follows a man, woman and cat one shadowy evening in San Francisco. Amid stories and reports of increasing numbers of missing people and pets from around the city, we find our characters making their way through an average day. Something seems to trouble the couple as they remain distant even within the comfort of their small apartment. Unnoticed by them, something emerges out of the murky fog to invade the safety of their home. Will they emerge unscathed or will they join the ranks of the missing?

The Facts
Year: 2007
Written & Directed By: David C. King
Genre: Suspense
Starring: Alicia King
Andrew Norton
Runtime: 13 Minutes



A Film By
David C. King

Alicia King
Andrew Norton

Production Assistance
Edwin Ghiselli
Amanda Gore
Christie Harbinski
Dan Simpson
Clifton Tipon

Title & Logo Design
Justice Mitchell



Leaving Hope
Nine Inch Nails

Memories of Green

Peeping Tom

Special Thanks To:
Chris Butler
Jordan Ceccarelli
Jen Inouye
Jeff Maag
Ray Markoff
Colleen Pendergast
Liza Maine Seybold
Christine Simms
Daniel Tse
Eli Yerbury
Apple Inc.

© 2007 Fival’s Corn Shank Production

  1. me says:

    Way to go, Dave! I am so fucking proud of you! The suspense was great, loved the setting and the soundtrack matched wonderfully! So happy you are living your dream! Hope your life is wonderful………PS- that fat cat reminds me of Yoda, minus the zits

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