FCS Productions Announces Total Redesign of Web Site.

Posted: October 26, 2002 by fivalscornshank in News & Press

Fival’s Corn Shank (FCS) Productions unveiled today a complete redesign of the FCS web site located at http://www.fivalscornshank.com/.

The new site greatly expands information about the guerrilla filmmakers at FCS and the movies in their filmography, as well as adding a new Festival Schedule, News & Events section, movie reviews and testimonials, and an online ordering system.

“I am very excited about the launch of our new site” stated Brett Circe, a founder of FCS Productions. “The timing is perfect for the launch of our latest feature, Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust.”

Each title has expanded coverage on the site now, including QuickTime trailers, interesting trivia, full credit listings and an interactive Reviews section where the public can submit a review to the site.

Fival’s Corn Shank Productions is an independent movie production company specializing in cutting edge creative in a cross-genre approach. Founded in 1990 by David C. King, Brett Circe and Justice Mitchell, there are over a dozen titles in the FCS Filmography to date.

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