Who is Joe Vicious?

Posted: October 27, 2002 by fivalscornshank in (1992) Who is Joe Vicious?

Armed with 3 video cameras, two porches, an arsenal of guns, a bomb and a mob of wanna-be super stars, filmmakers David C. King and Brett Circe created, on a three day shooting schedule, this mockery of the marketing mayhem that surrounds Summer Blockbuster Films. “It’s all about HYPE, baby…” Fast, furious and funny this teaser WETS the appetite for the upcoming motion picture experience. This “behind the scenes” short previews an epic film that spans all genre’s – ACTION, DRAMA, SCI-FI, HORROR, COMEDY… WHO IS JOE VICIOUS? gives you the trailer of the biggest, loudest, out of control movie never made!

The Facts
Year: 1992
Directed By: David C. King
Produced By: Brett Circe
Written By: David C. King
Brett Circe
Genre: Action
Starring: ###
Runtime: 5 Minutes
  1. me says:

    Just who is Joe? and why can I not see him here? With a last name like that I am expecting a new Tyler Durden, someone who will make Chuck Palahniuk rethink one of his best characters…..Joe Vicious…is he a metaphor? Is he a wicked, fucked up, crazy killer with no message like I hope he is?

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