Twisted Weekend 2 Trivia

Posted: October 24, 1999 by fivalscornshank in (1999) Twisted Weekend 2: Co-ed Slaughter

The Green Pen
Inside the apartment, there is a green highlighter pen somewhere in every scene.

We’re going to go to the park…
When Dave says “we’re going to go to the park”, cut to Jim dancing, and behind Jim on the top shelf is the lantern. Then when Jim says “OK” there is a Lava Lamp behind Jim, and the lantern is by the front door ready for Dave to pick up.

Absolut Vodka
After Jim takes the vodka out of the freezer, there is a nude picture of Claudia Schiffer in the freezer, and an ad for a “Dancing Granny Workout Video” on the freezer door.

Death by CD
At the end of Jim’s death scene, when the killer is finally scene at a distance, Jason is sitting on the couch in the background with his foot on a foot rest.

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